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Hi all,

FreeIPA wiki contains a really long page for Troubleshooting [1], and I would like to re-organize the content a little bit differently.

My proposal would be to keep this page as the main access point and only store pointers to other pages, organized by component. We can keep the existing component structure, ie:
- installation
- directory server
- authentication/kerberos
- AD trusts
- dns
- pki
- administration framework
- web UI
- integration with other software
but I would also add
- certmonger and certificate renewal

It would be great if the troubleshooting steps could explicitly define which version they apply to (for instance the RA certificate has changed location in 4.5).

I see this as a group effort, meaning that anyone planning to add information related to troubleshooting could review the section he's planning to modify and add details (for instance if the existing information is deprecated, or applies only to a specific version etc...)

I can start by moving the content from [1] to component-specific pages, for instance http://www.freeipa.org/page/Troubleshooting/Installation if you agree with the proposal.

So any thoughts/comments on this?
I think it is a good idea. Thank you for initiating it. We definitely
need to associate a version tag with instructions as 4.4 -> 4.5 there
were many changes internally that influenced how debugging is done for
quite a few moving parts (https://vda.li/en/docs/freeipa-debug-privsep/).

/ Alexander Bokovoy
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