Andrew Meyer via FreeIPA-users wrote:
> When I try to add puppet i am getting the following error:
> [andrew.meyer@asm-automation01 ~]$ ipa service-add
> puppetmaster/asm-automation01.mgt.asm.borg.local
> ipa: ERROR: Host 'asm-automation01.mgt.asm.borg.local' does not have
> corresponding DNS A/AAAA record
> [andrew.meyer@asm-automation01 ~]$
> I joined the server to the FreeIPA domain and there is an A record. 
> Didn't check fro quad-A.
> Not sure why it's throwing this error.

It means that IPA can't resolve the host entry. It does a direct DNS lookup.

You can work around this by adding the --force flag.

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