yesterday I noticed a strange issue on a Centos 7 client running ipa-client-4.5.0-21.el7.centos.2.2.x86_64:

My daughter tried to log in to the machine and was kicked out again after GNOME failed to load (/home on kerberized NFS4). Closer inspection showed that she had no permission to access her home directory, so GNOME was unable to read its settings.

This worked before.

I asked her to log into a text console. She got / as her home directory, as again, she was unable to access her actual home directory.

I checked with klist that she got a ticket. All seemed fine there (TGT present).

Tried 'cd' again: Permission denied.

Then I asked her to kinit once more. She hacken in her password again and got a new ticket.

Tried 'cd' again, et voila!: It cding to her NFS4 home directory worked immediately.

- What could be the reason for this behaviour? The box was freshly booted and I don't see what might have been wrong with the first ticket.
  - Where should I look (which logs, etc.) to investigate this further?

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