We are in some trouble here...

ipa-server-4.4.0-14.el7_3.7.x86_64  on rhel7.3
4 x IDM setup.

The directory server on the master CRL server decided to have a fit, every 
attempt of starting it results in SEGV and core dump. I have the dns started 
but that is all that is running on the server at the moment.
not event "ipactl -f start"  works. It just abort with:
ipactl -f start
Skipping version check
Starting Directory Service
Failed to start Directory Service: Command '/bin/systemctl start 
dirsrv@DOMAINE.service<mailto:dirsrv@DOMAINE.service>' returned non-zero exit 
status 1

An ongoing ticket at redhat does not bring any solution so I am going to 
restore server from a backup. Fortunately, it is a vmmware server.

Now while waiting for permissions from the customer to do the swap, I would 
love to promote another idm as master-crl but I am a little confused as how 
best do this.

In https://access.redhat.com/solutions/2253241 the procedure is:
on defect server:   shutdown pki, reconfigure, start pki - shutdown httpd, 
reconfigure httpd, start httpd
on new sever: shutdown pki, reconfigure, start pki - shutdown httpd, 
reconfigure httpd, start httpd
The note also says:
NOTE: The procedure described above requires the first CA master to be 
reachable by the replica. If this system is no longer available, there is 
currently no way to setup a CA clone on any replica. The reason for this is, 
that the replica connects to the master to ask for some CA specific details. A 
workaround exists by recovering the first master from a backup and make it 
available to the replica system for installation time of the new CA. To avoid 
replication conflicts the replication agreements between the master and the 
replica should be deleted.

the procedure boils down to:
ipa-csreplica-manage set-renewal-master
with the comment: "The command also automatically reconfigures the previous CA 
from renewal master to clone."

>From the above, I take it there is no way to promote another server to 
>master-crl as long as the dirserver on the original master-crl is down?

Now, when I boot up the restored server, then what?
The restored server is ready in an isolated environment and I have verified 
that the dirserver and everything starts up as it should.
The server will be 6 days old.

My thought is, I just boot it and run:
ipa-replica-manage  re-initialize --from=working-idm

But for peace of mind I would still like to move the master-crl function to a 
different server.  Could this be done before  "ipa-replica-manage 
That would give me the freedom to completely scratch the server if something 
goes wrong.

And for the future: I find this failure to be quite problematic.
We have an extremely redundant setup, if an idm dies, I just remove it from the 
set, rebuild and rejoin. Tried it a couple of times, works great, nobody notice.

But the master-crl seems to be a real pain. Are the any way to rearrange things 
to a more robust setup.  Maybe copy some directory contents from the master-crl 
to the other servers and then simply reconfigure
one of the other servers in case of failure? Sort of a cold standby feature.

Any advice is appreciated.

Bjarne Blichfeldt.

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