Hello the group,


We have a script that keeps things like user names and group descriptions in
sync with our customer management system, and mostly this is great, but the
FreeIPA API is very case insensitive.


If we have someone update their surname to fix capitalization (e.g. update
"De Veers" to "de Veers") or fix a typo in a group description (e.g. "The
Structure of Materials Assembled From Atomic Clusters" to "The Structure of
Materials Assembled from Atomic Clusters") it throws the following error:


in parse_error
    raise exception_class(message, code)
python_freeipa.exceptions.BadRequest: Type or value exists:


Basically, the user_mod and group_mod command is case insensitive, so it
throws an exception, rather than update the value. While it is correct for
usernames and group names to be case insensitive, it's not appropriate for
many other attributes. Is there a way modify this behavior, or is it a bug?




Aaron Hicks



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