We perform monthly patching of our IPA servers on consecutive weeks.  We have a 
realm member server that loses it's 'A' record in DNS after every monthly 
patching cycle on the first of our 2 IPA servers. And this member server is the 
ONLY machine to have such a problem.

Using the DNS Admin GUI I can make the 'A' record on one of the IPA servers and 
it shows up immediately in the DNS Admin GUI of the other.  There is no reverse 
record for that member server in the DNS Admin GUI and it will not allow me to 
add a reverse zone record for the server.  I receive a message that the reverse 
record for this server already exists.

It there a way to clean this up?  Is this glitch regarding the reverse zone 
record the reason the 'A' record falls away?

UPDATE: We rebooted the member server to test which post-patch reboot might be 
the point of loss for the 'A' record (we did not reboot either IPA server).  
The 'A' record for the member server is gone again.

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