Running IPA-server 4.5.0-21

I lost 2/3 IPA servers from power failure, replication didn't recover. I
want to drop the replicas and add new ones, but can't see a list of
replicas. It's giving me SERVFAIL for google DNS which seems unlikely.

Anyone know of a trick forward to recovery?

[root@auth1 root]# ipa-replica-manage list

ipa: ERROR: DNS query for auth1.example.com. A failed: All nameservers
failed to answer the query auth1.example.com. IN A: Server UDP port
53 answered SERVFAIL

Re-run /sbin/ipa-replica-manage with --verbose option to get more

Unexpected error: All nameservers failed to answer the query
gvoauth1.gvoperations.com. IN A: Server UDP port 53 answered

The worst part: it seems like DNS works great and FreeIPA has hit a snag. =(

# from freeipa

[root@auth1 iptables]# dig google.com @


google.com. 299 IN A

# from workstation to freeipa server

mac:~$ dig google.com @auth1

; <<>> DiG 9.8.3-P1 <<>> google.com @auth1

;; global options: +cmd


google.com. 300 IN A


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