hi everyone

apologies first and foremost as this does not concert IPA directly, I've tried apache's list but no help I found there(yet). So I know Apache's experts traverse here thus maybe more luck here. I'm experiencing a weird thing. What I'm trying to do I believe must be so common that many of you have done it and thus could advice. I converted my let's encrypt cert into a new cert8.db(but also tried cert9.db, as belowe), and I have in config:

<VirtualHost none.net:443>
  DocumentRoot /usr/share/wordpress.none
  DirectoryIndex index.php index.html
  ServerName none.net
  ServerAlias www

  NSSEngine on
  NSSCipherSuite +rsa_rc4_128_md5,+rsa_rc4_128_sha,+rsa_3des_sha,-rsa_des_sha,-rsa_rc4_40_md5,-rsa_rc2_40_md5,-rsa_null_md5,-rsa_null_sha,+fips_3des_sha,-fips_des_sha,-fortezza,-fortezza_rc4_128_sha,-fortezza_null,-rsa_des_56_sha,-rsa_rc4_56_sha,+rsa_aes_128_sha,+rsa_aes_256_sha
  NSSCertificateDatabase sql:/etc/httpd/none
  NSSNickname "none.net - Let's Encrypt"

  ErrorLog /var/log/httpd/none.net_443-error.log
  CustomLog /var/log/httpd/none.net_443-access.log common

When I do:

$ certutil -L -d sql:/etc/httpd/none/

Certificate Nickname                                         Trust Attributes

none.net - Let's Encrypt                                   u,u,u Let's Encrypt Authority X3 - Digital Signature Trust Co.     CT,C,C

So all good, right? Cert is there in the database, yet Apache fails to start.

[Thu Jan 04 15:34:17.188664 2018] [:error] [pid 21849:tid 140612518500608] Certificate not found: 'none.net'

Is this not ... well, strange.
I presume NSS can handle multiple NSSCertificateDatabase(per VirtualHost) ?
Not files permission, not selinux.
What can be a problem here?

many thanks, L.
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