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> Done, ipactl status report everything running, 

That's not correct, see below.

> but certificates don't renew.
> Looking at certmonger (in debug mod) I can see:
> "Server at https://idc01.linux.unicloudidattica.local/ipa/xml failed
> request, will retry: 4035 (RPC failed at server.  Request failed with
> status 500: Non-2xx response from CA REST API: 500. ).

internal error from apache

> Server at https://idc02.linux.unicloudidattica.local/ipa/xml failed
> request, will retry: -504 (libcurl failed to execute the HTTP POST
> transaction, explaining:  Failed connect to
> idc02.linux.unicloudidattica.local:443; Connection refused).

no apache running

> Have I to try to remove/re-add monitoring from certmonger for service
> certificates?

No - try to find out the errors above. Leave certmonger alone until you
fixed apache/dogtag.


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