On 09/01/18 17:24, Charles Hedrick wrote:
I also had issues installing a replica under 7.4. Here are my notes. krb4 is the new replica, krb1 and 2 the existing ones.

I'm on Centos, there is something very wrong with freeipa / dependencies in 7.4. I've had four replicas/servers from 7.1 time and just now removed one server from domain, all these problems I hit earlier were while setting a new domain, but now I see I cannot reconnect that one node back to the old, still functioning domain, the same errors. Installing a new servers goes smoothly(?) but adding a replica feels like pain in a buttock that does want to go away :)

The weirdest thing is that randomness with which client installation succeeds, 99% time it fails, and clocks are in sync.
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