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On 10/01/18 12:42, Alexander Bokovoy via FreeIPA-users wrote:
On ke, 10 tammi 2018, lejeczek via FreeIPA-users wrote:

would you know if normal is below from ipa * commands, before kinit is done?:

ipa: ERROR: Major (851968): Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information, Minor (2529638943): Decrypt integrity check failed

I remember before, tools would silently execute if a ticket was not there, but do not recall errors like above.
This is basically a Kerberos way to say 'your password is not the same
as KDC thinks it is'. Somebody did run ipa-getkeytab on the entry?

Could it be due to failure of auth-rpcgss-module.service to start?
In LXC without a small tweak auth-rpcgss-module.service fails.
I don't think so. Can you give more logs and context to understand where
this comes from?
/ Alexander Bokovoy
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