Our freeipa certificates need to be renewed due to passing their expiry dates.

While some certificates have renewed ok, the ipaCert and auditSigningCert are renewing but the new certificates have the wrong Subject.

Environment is:
serverA (CRL, first, master) RHEL 7.3, ipa 4.4
serverB (replica) RHEL 7.3, ipa 4.4
serverC (replica) RHEL 7.4, ipa 4.5

Once there are renewed certificates with the wrong Subject present, there are various problems with renewing the remaining certificates, which I think might be related to the bad Subject:

1) When just ipaCert has the wrong subject no further renewals happen

2) When auditSigningCert has the wrong subject the ipa pki-tomcatd service will not start and no further renewals happen.

I've been round the following loop many times on ServerA, our first master:

1) Restore good certificates from backup
2) Put the clock back to a time when certificates are all valid
3) Resubmit certificates for renewal

Each time the ipaCert renews it has the same wrong Subject. The wrong Subject includes the host name of one of our ipa client systems.

Each time the auditSigningCert renews it has the same wrong Subject but a different subject to the ipaCert. The wrong Subject in this case includes the host name of a system which has never been an ipa client, but might have been added and removed with ipa host-add and ipa host-del for testing something, a while ago.

As far as I can see, the "cert_subject" is set correctly in the file /var/lib/certmonger/<request id> until the point at which the certificate is actually renewed.

I'd be very grateful for some pointers as to which configuration options and logs to check through to resolve this problem on our production system.

If its of any relevance we did change which server is the first master some time ago.


Roderick Johnstone
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