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> On (15/01/18 10:53), Rob Crittenden via FreeIPA-users wrote:

>>As I read it he has the reverse problem. He installed with NTP support
>>and now wants to remove it.
>>You need to remove NTP as a managed IPA service by removing the entry:
>>ipactl will no longer try to start the service.

I also consider to remove ntp service from my IPA servers...

>>Note that without good time then you may run into serious issues with
>>Kerberos and replication.
> I do not have any time related problems with chronyd + fedora *default* 
> configuration.

I also think that now all major Linux distributions configure some kind
of NTP client service per default (at least Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS run
here and enable some timesync by default - systemd-timesyncd too looks
very promising).

Even if the clients don't use the same NTP servers (each distribution
has its own pool) the time should be good enough.  At least that's what
I see on my systems - time is not a problem.


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