Affirmative, it is all caps in the logs.

I can re-send the log with the redactions case sensitive if that's
helpful.  My apologies for causing confusion via my obfuscation.


On 1/17/18 12:36 PM, Robbie Harwood wrote:
> Chris Moody <> writes:
>> On 1/17/18 8:27 AM, Robbie Harwood wrote:
>>> Chris Moody <> writes:
>>>> Thanks for taking a look gents.  Ask and ye shall receive.  :)
>>>> -Chris
>>>> ===[ CLI output ]==========
>>>> root@sfca-do-1:~# ipa-client-install -p admin --mkhomedir
>>>> --hostname=`hostname`
>>>> Discovery was successful!
>>>> Client hostname:
>>>> Realm:
>>> Are you redacting this?  Because that "xyz" shouldn't be lowercased.
>>> Realm names are all-caps (because some implementations are
>>> case-sensitive and others are not).
>> Yes - I am redacting just the 2nd level domain name portion from any logs.
> Can you confirm that it's all-caps in the actual logs?
> Thanks,
> --Robbie

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