Just attempted the '--server' option you mention, as well as the
'--domain' value that the parameter requires, and it actually SUCCEEDED
in joining!

I received "Client configuration complete." via the ipa-client-install
command and was just able to successfully login to this node with a user
in IPA.

Which is wonderful news.... however I'm still now wondering what
component might be failing or portion of autodiscovery perhaps
missing/b0rk3d that's necessitating the --server param to be explicitly


On 1/17/18 5:30 PM, Chris Moody via FreeIPA-users wrote:
>> Might also be interesting to try to force a specific master by adding
>> --server <fqdn of master> to the install line, just to see.
>> I'm guessing the client is old as it doesn't appear to support the
>> newer-style ipa-getkeytab:

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