I'm facing an issue on my IPA server (currently 4.6.1, same happened on 4.5.4) 
with kerberos tickets. As  was investigating this and tried to add a server 
with a admin ticket I get the following on and the IPA server itself and on a 
client with freeipa-admintools as well:

$kinit admin
Ticket cache: KEYRING:persistent:0:0
Default principal: ad...@domain.tld

Valid starting       Expires              Service principal
01/21/2018 22:52:35  01/22/2018 22:52:29  HTTP/ipa-01.domain....@domain.tld
01/21/2018 22:52:30  01/22/2018 22:52:29  krbtgt/domain....@domain.tld

$ipa service-add HTTP/client-01.domain....@domain.tld
ipa: ERROR: No valid Negotiate header in server response

What is going wrong here ? I cannot find much about it.


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