If you are in Europe during first weekend of February 2018, we'll be
running an Identity and Access Management devroom at FOSDEM[1] on
Saturday, February 3rd, 2018. FreeIPA and other free/open source
identity and access management solutions will be presented there.

FOSDEM is a primary free software event in Europe that is done by
volunteers to volunteers every year since 2001 in Free University of
Brussels, Belgium. Each year thousands people come to it to meet,
discuss, and collaborate in various areas around free software and

I wrote about our experience in organizing Identity Management-related
events at FOSDEM in my blog some time ago[2]. It is now less than two
weeks until the devroom and the greater FOSDEM event will happen, so I'd
like to invite those who might have missed all the signs: it is still
possible to attend. And if you are not at FOSDEM, there will be live
streaming of all devrooms (42 and the main track!) too.

See you in Brussels!

[1] https://fosdem.org/2018/schedule/track/identity_and_access_management/
[2] https://vda.li/en/posts/2017/12/21/FOSDEM-2018-IAM-devroom/
/ Alexander Bokovoy
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