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> Hey All, 
> Having some major issues with sudo and it appears the root cause is the time 
> it takes sssd to resolve root as a local user when domain-resolution-order is 
> enabled in ipa4.5, I do not have filter_users or filter_groups defined, so 
> the default root user should be used 
> (https://jhrozek.fedorapeople.org/sssd/1.15.2/man/sssd.conf.5.html) Manually 
> adding this value has no effect. 
> Versions: 
> IPA 4.5 
> SSSD 1.15.2 
> Centos 7.4 
> Currently it takes `time id root` about 8-16 seconds to finish depending on 
> caches and firewalls. 
> I have (2) forest trusts, a total of 7 domains + ipa itself, 3 of them listed 
> in domain-resolution-order 

I'm pretty sure I hit this and I thought Fabiano wrote a patch, but I
can't find neither the ticket nor the fix.

Fabiano, do you remember?
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