On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 3:24 PM, Andrew Meyer <andrewm...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> For the most part, yes.  Its cheap, low-power.

It also has no moving parts and you can swap out the SD card to a spare
quite easily. It's not something for an enterprise environment, but as a
hobbyist, it's an awesome thing for the cost.

I'm moving most of my stuff to the dedicated servers on DCs, so the only
thing I need at home is basically bulk storage, networking, misc stuff... a
local IPA replica is overkill (as having IPA for home is, I guess), but it
would be nice to be able to have a NAS and a Raspberry and be done with it
(I'm currently running a Proliant Microserver, though).

Are there any issues running FreeIPA on the Raspberry, other than the low
memory? IIRC, CentOS 7 now has a compatible ARM build...
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