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I have connected my FreeIPA server with an AD in trust. Is it possible
to assign special permissions (sudo) to some AD users? I noticed that
the policies can only be set to AD group.
Policies can only be assigned to POSIX users/groups. Thus, if you have
AD users or groups mapped to POSIX groups, you can get it working.

Add posix group:
  ipa group-add foo

Add an external, non-POSIX group:
  ipa group-add --external foo_external

Add an external user to an external group:
  ipa group-add-member foo_external --external user@ad.domain

The member you add can be anything IPA could resolve into a SID, so a
user or a group from a trusted AD domain.

Add this external group to a POSIX group as a member:
  ipa group-add-member foo --groups=foo_external

Then use the POSIX 'foo' group in your sudo rules.
/ Alexander Bokovoy
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