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My bad, did not include sssd-users earlier.  :(

Hey All,

I'm wondering if anyone came across this error below.  We have two RHEL 7.4 servers with SSSD 1.15.2: http-srv01 and http-srv02

Both connect to the same AD DC host below: addc-srv03.addom.com. Verified krb5.conf and sssd.conf both are identical.  We can login on the http-srv01 and can list all groups for an AD account.

On http-srv02 we cannot login and any group listing from the CLI result only in the user's local groups.  No AD groups.

Logs give us the output below.  Short of adding in the entire log which I might not be able to do till the end of the week, what could we look at to resolve this?

There's very little available online on this error.  The RH solution doesn't make sense since the first host connects and authenticates users just fine so it's definitely GC enabled.

Tom K.

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(Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [sbus_dispatch] (0x4000): dbus conn: 0x55b2e22e8700 (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [sbus_dispatch] (0x4000): Dispatching. (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [sbus_message_handler] (0x2000): Received SBUS method org.freedesktop.sssd.dataprovider.getAccountInfo on path /org/freedesktop/sssd/dataprovider (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [sbus_get_sender_id_send] (0x2000): Not a sysbus message, quit (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [dp_get_account_info_handler] (0x0200): Got request for [0x2][BE_REQ_GROUP][name=unix-admin-group@addom] (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [dp_attach_req] (0x0400): DP Request [Account #4]: New request. Flags [0x0001]. (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [dp_attach_req] (0x0400): Number of active DP request: 1 (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [sss_domain_get_state] (0x1000): Domain ADDOM is Active (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [sss_domain_get_state] (0x1000): Domain ADDOM is Active (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [sdap_id_op_connect_step] (0x4000): beginning to connect (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [fo_resolve_service_send] (0x0100): Trying to resolve service 'AD_GC' (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [get_server_status] (0x1000): Status of server 'addc-srv03.addom.com' is 'working' (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [get_port_status] (0x1000): Port status of port 0 for server 'addc-srv03.addom.com' is 'not working' (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [get_port_status] (0x0080): SSSD is unable to complete the full connection request, this internal status does not necessarily indicate network port issues. (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [fo_resolve_service_send] (0x0020): No available servers for service 'AD_GC' (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [be_resolve_server_done] (0x1000): Server resolution failed: [5]: Input/output error (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [sdap_id_op_connect_done] (0x0400): Failed to connect to server, but ignore mark offline is enabled. (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [sdap_id_op_connect_done] (0x4000): notify error to op #1: 5 [Input/output error] (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [dp_req_done] (0x0400): DP Request [Account #4]: Request handler finished [0]: Success (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [_dp_req_recv] (0x0400): DP Request [Account #4]: Receiving request data. (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [dp_req_reply_list_success] (0x0400): DP Request [Account #4]: Finished. Success. (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [dp_req_reply_std] (0x1000): DP Request [Account #4]: Returning [Internal Error]: 3,5,Group lookup failed (Tue Jan 30 19:00:01 2018) [sssd[be[ADDOM]]] [dp_table_value_destructor] (0x0400): Removing [0:1:0x0001:2::ADDOM:name=unix-admin-group@addom] from reply
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