Hundreds of clients have been joined earlier, never such an issue.
What could have happened please advise?

Client debug - nothing suspicious until:

2018-02-02T10:07:47Z DEBUG args=/usr/sbin/ipa-join -s <arguments>
2018-02-02T10:07:50Z DEBUG Process finished, return code=17
2018-02-02T10:07:50Z DEBUG stdout=
2018-02-02T10:07:50Z DEBUG stderr=No permission to join this host to the IPA 

Server debug, not sure if related to the above error:

[Fri Feb 02 02:07:48.515408 2018] [auth_gssapi:error] [pid 28668] [client 
<ip>:52140] NO AUTH DATA Client did not send any authentication headers, 

Selinux is disabled on the client side.
Server version 4.5.0

i'm using -p admin to join clients. Therefore permissions are full.

Any ideas please.
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