Thank you for your reply!

I've also noticed the following lines in the sssd_idmlab.local.log that are 
present only when external trusted domain is involved. Are they related to the 
same known issue?

(Mon Feb  5 02:05:54:097415 2018) [sssd[be[idmlab.local]]] [get_server_status] 
(0x1000): Status of server 'ipa.idmlab.local' is 'working'
(Mon Feb  5 02:05:54:097420 2018) [sssd[be[idmlab.local]]] [get_port_status] 
(0x1000): Port status of port 0 for server 'ipa.idmlab.local' is 'not working'
(Mon Feb  5 02:05:54:097425 2018) [sssd[be[idmlab.local]]] [get_port_status] 
(0x0080): SSSD is unable to complete the full connection request, this internal 
status does not necessarily indicate network port issues.
(Mon Feb  5 02:05:54:097429 2018) [sssd[be[idmlab.local]]] 
[fo_resolve_service_send] (0x0020): No available servers for service 'IPA'
(Mon Feb  5 02:05:54:097444 2018) [sssd[be[idmlab.local]]] 
[be_resolve_server_done] (0x1000): Server resolution failed: [5]: Input/output 
(Mon Feb  5 02:05:54:097452 2018) [sssd[be[idmlab.local]]] 
[sdap_id_op_connect_done] (0x0020): Failed to connect, going offline (5 
[Input/output error])
(Mon Feb  5 02:05:54:097457 2018) [sssd[be[idmlab.local]]] [be_mark_offline] 
(0x2000): Going offline!

I would be grateful if you could share a link to the relevant bugtracker issue 
(if any) or provide slapi-nis / sssd version numbers that has this issue 

Boris Sukhinin
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