as we just bought an new server, i moved everything to him, and it seems to
work pretty fine. But now i want to use the spare server as an backup and
their the problems started:

1. How i set up a duplicated nfs server for autofs'ing the home directory?
1. a. How is the best practices to keep them synced? Maybe even with an
backup function for files that got deleted on one of them?
1. b How i redirect autofs to mount the right nfs when one is failing?

As i was researching that and trying out several settings, i mentioned that
i wasnt able to get the autofs central managment by freeipa running. I had
to write the configs to every client. But i am not quite sure if it wasnt
better for the replica settings but also for everyday use to get an
centralized configuration of autofs running. so my second question would be:
2. How to run an autofs setting in freeipa and how to apply them to an

Pls apoligze my english, it is my third language, and thank u all for every
help u have to offer

Greetings j.
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