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Hi all:

I used to centos 6 freeipa and install PWM together with CA service  there
is no problem.

BUt now we change to centos 7 seem  PKI Tomcat Server by default will launch

8443 and 8080 port . Now I installed PWM (password manager) but

pki tomcat 8080 port conflict with pwm 's 8080 port , I can changed port no.

But 8443 seem still fail to display if I changed to 8444 etc

Any idea ? can I stop pki tomacat 's 8080 / 8443 ?
I know you know what I would say below but I think you should really
change PWM's ports. And consider not installing any additional software
on IPA masters. Doing otherwise simply expands an attack surface for the most
important servers in your infrastructure.

If you still consider moving into a direction of changing ports, you are
firmly in not-supported configuration field as we never tested that and
there might be places where these port values are hard-coded across
multiple configuration files and IPA framework source code.
/ Alexander Bokovoy
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