I have a few more questions regarding joining client machines to the domain.
If I manually specify a FreeIPA server when joining the client to it, can I go 
back and add the _srv_ to the line in /etc/sssd/sssd.conf ?  Will doing that 
work just like if I did autodiscover?
Can I specify more than 1 server in the ipa_server line?
If I have locations turned on and replica servers in the location groups, when 
I add a client server to the FreeIPA domain why doesn't the join script look 
for the closest FreeIPA server?  Or is this not part of the join script?
As I get this ready for prime time we are going to have it replicate from our 
main office to our AWS environment.  We will be using CentOS for all the 
servers.  But If the VPN connection between AWS and my main office is severed 
and updates are made should it be able to replicate the correct information 
around once the connection is re-established?  I am verifying this for 
management.  (With all the reading i've done the database should self-heal, 
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