This may be a bit of a strange scenario.

Environment is a compute cluster (running xCAT 2.15)

FreeIPA server is running on the cluster master node.

FreeIPA clients are installed on all other nodes.  Compute nodes, login
nodes, storage nodes, GPU nodes, etc.

I created a script that installs the client packages and joins the realm
after provisioning the OS.  That all works great on new hosts.

My issue is that compute nodes are reinstalled on occasion.  Normally, that
is a simple process.  Tell the cluster master to mark that host for
install.  During the next PXE boot, that happens.   Problem is, if the node
has already been part of the realm, it can't join, so that command fails.
If I manually go into FreeIPA server and remove the node while it's
reinstalling the OS, then the client script runs fine when that is complete.

Is there a way to have a client execute a command to remove it's previous
information before joining?

Thanks in advance.
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