On Аўт, 16 кра 2024, Anton Menshutin via FreeIPA-users wrote:
Hello, list.
I have installed freeipa server 4.10.2-8 under RockyLinux and would
like to setup windows clients to join freeipa domain.  I followed the

This is a hack and is not supported at all. It is explicitly stated on
that page:
Note also that the described configuration is not supported by FreeIPA
development team and also is not supported by Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Identity Management product. A work on making possible to login to
Windows machines already enrolled into a trusted Active Directory forest
is ongoing and is not available yet in any released FreeIPA version.

When I enter user credentials for the first time windows asks to change
password, after password is changed it does not login.

After that every attempt results in the "wrong user or password"
message.  Looking at kerberos log it seems that password is correct but
windows does not let the user in for some reason. In audit log it says
that login was refused with some error that does not explain anything.
Time is in sync as well as timezone.

There are a lot of posts saying that this should work but I don't have
any clues where to look. Any ideas what might be wrong?

Joining Windows clients to IPA domain is not supported. These
configurations may or may not work for some people. There are no plans
to enable this use case at all.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
Sr. Principal Software Engineer
Security / Identity Management Engineering
Red Hat Limited, Finland
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