John Robert Mendoza wrote:
Hi Thu, Rob, and All,

Have you made the necessary migration to FreeIPA. I too have migrated from an OpenLDAP to freeipa but have encountered some problems. After I have imported all the users from the OpenLDAP server to FreeIPA, I can't seem to get a Kerberos ticket. Is there any workaround on how I can make this migration work. All the entries have been successfully added and bind to the FreeIPA server works but doing kinit doesn't.

You're probably lacking at least kerberos keys. Did you set the krbprinicpalname on each entry?

In order to generate the kerberos keys you need a cleartext password which is why it isn't as simple as loading an LDIF. If you change the password of your users that should generate the keys assuming they have the appropriate object class (krbprincipalaux).

We are working on a mechanism where a user will be able to authenticate using their migrated password and this will generate the kerberos keys but it isn't quite finished yet.



John Robert Mendoza

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    Date: Friday, 14 August, 2009, 6:56 PM

    Thanks Rob very much. I will try of course on the test system :)

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    Thu Nguyen wrote:
     > Dear all,
> >
     > I did use OpenLDAP for our system which used to authenticate all web
     > services (bugzilla, svn,..) and mail service (dovecot) . Now I would
     > like to replace it by FreeIPA. Would you please instruct
     > if possible) how to migrate all data/structures from OpenLDAP to

    We don't currently have instructions on how to do this.

    Basically what you need to do is:

    - install freeIPA
    - get an ldif dump of your OpenLDAP server
    - remove any unneeded structural and configuration options from the ldif
    - convert this ldif to the IPA DIT
    - load the ldif

    You can see the DIT we use at

    When converting to our DIT you'll also need to ensure that the user
    entries are set up properly. This means having:

    - the krbprincipalname attribute set to <uid>@<REALM>
    - update the objectclass list
    - set gidnumber to the ipausers group

    You'll end up with a bunch of users that will work with simple auth but
    don't have kerberos keys yet so kinit will fail. You'll need to create
    some mechanism where they authenticate using their user password in
    order to get kerberos keys.

    And of course, do this on a test system first to make sure I haven't
    missed something :-)


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