The FreeIPA Project ( is proud to present FreeIPA
version 1.22.

FreeIPA is an integrated security information management solution
combining Linux (Fedora), Fedora Directory Server, MIT Kerberos and NTP.
FreeIPA binds together a number of technologies and adds a web interface
and command-line administration tools. Currently it supports identity
management with plans to support policy and auditing management.

This is a bugfix release. The main bugs addressed are:

* Fix group deletion in the web UI. 484050
* Make the web UI work when both python-cherrypy and python-cherrypy2
are installed. 505686
* Fix some Python 2.6 deprecation warnings
* Change method used to determine CAs to trust. 509111
* Add the CA constraint to the self-signed CA IPA generates. 514027

If you are upgrading an existing IPA installation see for details on re-issuing the CA so it
will work with FF 3.5

The Fedora packages are currently in updates-testing and will be moved to updates on Thursday, Sept 17.

You can install/upgrade from the Fedora testing repository with:

# yum --enablerepo updates-testing install ipa-server

The FreeIPA Project Team.
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