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Dear FreeIPA community,

I have a bunch of requirements that I am looking forward from
ipa-server. Please clarify if these are possible

Background: We are planning to deploy 389-ds(formerly Fedora DS) as
our core ldap server in a Multi-Master Replication scenario. We will
be having set of slave server to cater at different locations. We want
to integrate password authentication with MS Active Directory. 389-DS
offers PAM Pass-thru plugin, but it has been quite difficult to
configure the parameters and kerberos to get that working. Some of the
features I am looking are

   1. Easy setup of PAM Pass-thru setup. Where 389-ds queries Active
      Directory for password.

If you have PAM Kerberos auth working, you should be able to use PAM
Pass thru. I don't know the details though, but I do know that this is
one of the primary use cases, to allow simple bind (username/password
auth) clients to use their kerberos password.

Isn't IPA creating its own Kerberos/kdc server? For my setup, AD is the
kerberos server and I want 389-ds to query the AD for password. I do not
want to configure kerberos on 389-ds or do I have to do that anyway?.
You do not have to configure kerberos on 389-ds to use pam passthrough.
So If I am right, for 389-ds and AD to communicate and exchange data they
both need to be Kerb servers?
If that is then do client unix machines need
to be configured with krb5.conf?
I believe you use something like pam_krb5 with 389 pam passthrough, which also requires krb5.conf
I am following the HowToKerberos from 389-ds, where you generate the keytab
in Windows and register it in DS server.
But you're not using kerberos auth to 389-ds, you are using simple auth, and pam passthrough "passes through" the credentials to kerberos via pam and pam_krb5
I haven't seen a case scenario in documentation where PAM Passthru is
implemented with AD. And how the Krb5 is configured.


   2. Syncing new users automatically between AD and 389-ds including
      UNIX attributes in AD(after installing SFU 3.5). Though Windows
      Sync agreement does it, we are looking on a finer control over
      the OU¹s and objectclass/attributes imported.

The IPA winsync plugin will add missing posix attributes when syncing a
new user entry from AD to IPA. It will not keep them in sync.
Is this same as passsync.msi plugin?
We are using Windows server 2008
64-bit. Do we have it compatible?
It doesn't matter - if you don't want to sync passwords from AD to IPA, you do not use PassSync.msi
How can I setup IPA for the above
I think IPA enables the ipa-winsync plugin by default.


   2. Password change in unix world reflect on AD,

Yes. IPA winsync will sync password changes from IPA to AD.
Is this a case where,


   2. Netgroups, adding hosts to the Directory server and have a
      inventory withhostname and IP address and/or perform basic host

Winsync will not sync the netgroups schema.

I wanted the unix hosts to be shown in 389-ds. Just like Windows boxes are
joined to AD.
Ok.  IPA should handle that.


   2. Create ACI¹s such that support team has only access to create
      ldap accounts and update group memberships.
   3. How is the easy is it going to be if upgraded from 1.2.2 to 2.0?
      Any issues anticipated?

I am still going through the vast Admin Guide, release notes, user
config guide to get these answers and know more. Also let me know if
it is worth waiting till 2.0

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