Dnia 2009-11-04, śro o godzinie 03:26 +0100, Rob Crittenden pisze:
> > 
> And for v1 you'll need to use ldapmodify. It only appears scary at 
> first, it isn't so bad once you understand the syntax.
> I think the most bare-bones non-Posix account would look something like:
> dn: uid=apacheldap,cn=sysaccounts,cn=etc,dc=example,d=com
> changetype: add
> objectclass: account
> objectclass: simplesecurityobject
> uid: apacheldap
> userPassword: superSecret123

Thanks, I'm not scared by middle level ldap commands ;) I was just
wondering if there's any cli tool that can do "idiot proofing" ;)

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