John Robert Mendoza wrote:

I'm using freeipa 1.2.2 on a fedora 11 machine. I have successfully configured it for authentication for our services but the lack of replication makes it vulnerable for unavailability and downtime. It's complaining about the replica server not being able to contact the ldap server.

This can be reproduced by:

1. Clean install fedora 11
2. Install the ipa packages
3. Clean install fedora 11 on a "replica" server
4. Install the ipa packages
5. ipa-replica-prepare on the freeipa server
6. ipa-replica-install on the replica

note: both machines have DNS records.


Ok, strange. On the replica server can you do something like:

% ldapsearch -x -h -p 389 -b "dc=example,dc=com" uid=admin

That will confirm that the ports are available.

Can you provide the ipareplica-install.log?


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