Hi all,

I'm trying to configure client ssh access on Fedora 12 and I can't access
ipaclient without password.

I'm following this document:

At the end of this document:

> The IPA client should now be fully configured to accept incoming 
> SSHconnections and authenticate with the user's
> Kerberos credentials. Use the following command on another machine to test
> the configuration. This should succeed without asking for a password.
 # ssh ad...@ipaclient.example.com

As I see it, another machine don't need to install any ipa software and it
can access ipaclient without password.

I have three Fedora machine:

   - ipa.example.com(IPA Server)
   - client.example.com(IPA Client)
   - node.example.com(another machine which was not installed ipa-client or

The client.example.com can access ipa.example.com without password. But the
node.example.com can't access client.example.com.

Do I misunderstand the document or configure incorrect?


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