Scott Kaminski wrote:
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I'm trying to setup a replica server and this is the output i'm getting:

[r...@ldap-4 tmp]# ipa-replica-install -d replica-info-ldap-4.quadrant.local.gpg
Directory Manager (existing master) password:

root        : INFO
root : INFO gpg: WARNING: unsafe permissions on homedir `/tmp/tmpH1jmyzipa/ipa-YyPLbD/.gnupg'
gpg: keyring `/tmp/tmpH1jmyzipa/ipa-YyPLbD/.gnupg/secring.gpg' created
gpg: keyring `/tmp/tmpH1jmyzipa/ipa-YyPLbD/.gnupg/pubring.gpg' created
gpg: CAST5 encrypted data
gpg: encrypted with 1 passphrase
gpg: WARNING: message was not integrity protected

root        : INFO
root        : INFO
root : ERROR The host name ldap-4.quadrant.local does not match the reverse lookup ldap-4
[r...@ldap-4 tmp]# dig +short -x
[r...@ldap-4 tmp]# dig +short ldap-4.quadrant.local A
[r...@ldap-4 tmp]#

What is it that i'm missing here?

Check /etc/hosts to be sure the FQDN appears first in the list for ldap-4.




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