Dmitri Pal wrote:
> Hello,
> We had some delay with the implementation of the UI for v2. Now when the
> problems are cleared we are marching forward towards the end of the
> project cycle.
> As we dive more and more into the details of the implementation related
> to the UI we get more and more questions. Since the UI is the most user
> facing component of the project we want to have a broader discussion and
> hear your opinion. Sorry that we have not been that open in the past. We
> should have been but that slipped through the cracks a bit.
> Also recently we started to track our remaining work using trac instance
> connected to the project.
> If you are interested in where we are and what we are doing or have an
> issue you would like to report please use trac instance at:
The new UI screens and site roadmap are published here:

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Engineering Manager IPA project,
Red Hat Inc.

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