Thanks for the response.

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 18:57, Simo Sorce <> wrote:
> SSSD will update the cache on any login that goes through PAM.
> Do you need a way to refresh specific user information it logs in ?

Well I was looking to specifically refresh the groups that a user
belonged to - I kept trying and even after 24hrs, the old information
was still being returned.

> If so, at the moment you can reset the cache by stopping SSSD and
> deleting the appropriate file in /var/lib/sss/db and restarting SSSD.
> The db file to be deleted has the domain name (as used in the sssd.conf
> section tag) in the file name.

This has worked, now the client reports that user belongs to the
correct groups. It also appears to correctly refresh the cache when I
login. I have added and removed my user from a few groups and this is
correctly reflected by the results of the 'id' command.

Maybe the cache was corrupted?



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