I am a newbie with Kerberos and i need help.
I have a Kerberos installed on my server and it is configured by freeIPA.
When i make an IPA-user, the kerberos password always expires. And then i
tried to doing kinit with that user and kerberos forced me to change the
password because it has expired. And then i tried some password to change
the expired password but i couldn't and kerberos told me that it rejected my
new password. After three times i tried to change the password, the kinit
command finished with error message like this "kinit : Password change
failed while getting initial credentials". I don't know how to solve this
problem and I need help.

A week after i made that IPA user, i could doing kinit with that user (after
kerberos asked for the password and forced me to change the password, the
password was accepted and i could doing kinit). But after I tried to make
new IPA user, i met the same problem with the problem above (Expired
kerberos password). Please help me.

I am sorry with my English, but I am an Indonesian.
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