Hi Dmitri,

First of all, thanks for your quick answer...

Well, my apps are web apps.
By the moment, it's only identity and authentication, but my customer
would like not to close doors by the moment. In the future, it will be
possible to get some stathistics from the data stored in the LDAP's
(geographic criteria, for instance)
So, in this right moment, we are starting thinking is the whole
architecture of the solution, and I would like to use a virtual directory
like Penrose, because I think it would give us some flexibility I don't
want to lack for in the future.


> Juan José Inchausti wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I was looking for Penrose and arrive here! I'm facing a big LDAP project
>> that involves two LDAPs, #users about 750.000, and I think Penrose would
>> be the right choice. Is Penrose a part of freeipa???
> It is not at the moment. Penrose is more a migration tool from NIS to
> IPA for now.
>>  May I use Penrose as
>> a standalone component???
> Yes
>> My apps must access the information stored in
>> the two big LDAPs, but they only have to look at one LDAP, so I wonder
>> if
>> ipa can help me, or I have only to use Penrose.
> If your applications use identities provided by NSS via nsswitch you can
> use SSSD and configure it to get identities from the two LDAP sources.
> Can you please be more specific about the use cases you have? Do you
> need to do searches against to LDAP servers or it is just user identity
> and authentication?
> Are your applications web applications?
>> Thanks in advance
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