Steven Jones wrote:

I am trying to web browse to the localhost and it is telling me to obtain a 
valid kerberos ticket and configure Firefox...

Where do I export / find this ticket? and how do I install it as a user so I 
can connect?

To configure Firefox see these instructions:

On the machine (and user) you are running Firefox from run: kinit admin

Then you should be able connect to

You really should use the FQDN of the IPA host. We do a fair bit of redirecting so it may do the right thing but kerberos is very picky about host names. If they don't match up as it expected then things won't work.

Even with an unconfigured browser going to should provide some instructions for configuring Firefox and provide a button that can auto-configure the browser. You just need to trust our CA first. Javascript is very picky (and for good reason) about letting a web site change your browser configuration.



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