I have master and slave FreeIPA servers. I recently upgraded the slave
by wiping, re-installing Fedora 13 and re-creating the replication
using ipa-replica-prepare and ipa-replica-install.

For some reason, the slave is having difficulty replicating the
memberOf attribute. I can attach an LDAP viewer to the replica, and
view the schema, but the memberOf attributes are missing. Also, the
master server contains the lines:

- Entry "cn=admins,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com" --
attribute "memberOf" not allowed
NSMMReplicationPlugin - repl_set_mtn_referrals: could not set
referrals for replica dc=example,dc=com: 20
NSMMReplicationPlugin - replica_reload_ruv: Warning: new data for
replica dc=example,dc=com does not match the data in the changelog.
 Recreating the changelog file. This could affect replication with
replica's  consumers in which case the consumers should be
[06/Oct/2010:09:58:33 -0400] - skipping cos definition cn=account
inactivation,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com--no templates found

The rest of the replication appears to be working correctly (as far as
I can tell).

I have tried using ipa-replica-manage init and synch to try to fix the
replication, but I suspect this has something to do with the schema

Does anyone have any pointers/ideas for how I can fix this?


Dan Scott

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