On Mon, Jan 03, 2011 at 07:37:51PM +0100, Roland Kaeser wrote:
> Its sad, but in the most cases, sysadmins have to deal with
> windows machines in their network.

True, but IMHO the strategy FreeIPA is currently following in doing
interop with crossrealm-trusts is the ony longterm way to go.
Spending efforts to make FreeIPA behave like another exact-AD-clone
is wasting resources; samba4 is already good in doing this special 

Yet its interesting to see how stable samba4-operation in
windows-AD-environments will be since one cannot be sure the
samba4-project will be notified of protocol-changes etc.

Crossrealm is used in some environments and Microsoft did also
help with debugging of problems.

FreeIPA could be base for a linux/unix-worlds AD, bringing in all
the good things about opensource software.


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