I’m trying to set up password/identity sync to the FreeIPA V2 server from a
Windows 2003R2 SP2 server to a Fedora 14. According to installation document
in free ipa website [
http://freeipa.org/docs/2.0.0/Installation_Deployment_Guide/en-US/html/ ]
ipa-replica-manage add option is no more there if i use connect option i get
below error. There is not much in logs to troubleshoot. Please help me to
resolve this issue.

[root@fedora ~]# ipa-replica-manage connect --winsync --binddn
CN=agv,OU=Users,DC=bgkerb,DC=test02,DC=com --bindpw asd312ASD --cacert
/root/bgkerb.cer bgkerb.test02.com -v --passsync asd312ASD
Directory Manager password:
INFO:root:args=/sbin/service dirsrv stop
INFO:root:stdout=Shutting down dirsrv:
    AGV-COM...[  OK  ]
    PKI-IPA...[  OK  ]

unexpected error: DsInstance instance has no attribute 'subject_base'

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