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> I have 2 questions. First is a possible idea of when FreeIPA v2 will
> go gold and have the final stable release? This will help me with my
> lab and small data center planning. Also second is more of a
> suggestion, and that you guys should look at incorporating DHCP into
> IPA like you did DNS. Also for it to be able to dynamically update
> the DNS with machines that connect to the network. I work inside but
> separate from a college campus network and we have laptops coming and
> going from our network and being a research lab we are always tearing
> machines down and rebuilding them and renaming them.

You should be able to configure named to accept DNS updates from your
dhcp server adding configuration to allow a specific IP (that of the
dhcp) to update any entry.

However we will evaluate whether integrating DHCP is something we can
do for a future release, or maybe something people are willing to


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