Greetings folks,

I'm passing along an announcement from the freeipa-users mailing list
[1] regarding the first of two Test Days next week.  On Tuesday, we'll
be hosting a test day focused on FreeIPA v2. 

The FreeIPA project implements an identity server. IPA stands for
Identity, Policy and Audit. The first version of IPA was introduced
three years ago and was focused on the user identity and authentication.
This version is a significant revision of the IPA server adding multiple
new features and capabilities. 

The test day wiki is still coming online, we expect it to be finalized
on Monday.  For more information on the upcoming Fedora 15 feature,
checkout the feature page [2].


> Please join us in testing FreeIPA v2 on Tuesday Feb 15th as a part of
> the Fedora 15 Test Day.  Originally we planned to have a test day on
> Thursday February 10th (tomorrow) but for different reasons we had to
> delay this effort.
> The details of what to test and how to test will be published later
> this week. Please follow the changes on the Fedora test page [1] and
> on the FreeIPA wiki [2].
> [1]
> (incomplete as of Feb 9th)
> [2]

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