A year or two back free vm's were easy to find/common, these days its quite 
hard....mostly I look, give up and go build my own VM for the job.

If you want to do some routeing in VMware vyatta do a free vm and it does dhcp 
as well.

You can set up bind on your fedora VM just invent a domain, ive invented 
ipa.ac.nz and off you go.

You just need 2 zone files forward and reverse, if need be I can post mine.

There is an option to do an integrated dns but maybe dns has to be going 



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Subject: [Freeipa-users] Standalone or VM instance of FreeIPA

Hey there! Please forgive my n00b level question, but is there good 
documentation on setting up a test environment using FreeIPA?

I'd like to tinker with this using VMware if possible.  I took a cursory look 
on Google and Bing, but mostly found pay-for VM Appliances.

I really would like to learn how to set it up (with the help of the install 
scripts... I'm not scared of install work, but those scripts were created for a 

My point is: When I go to run the installation script on my Fedora box, it 
tells me the script cannot be run unless the IP resolves in both directions.  
Is there a 'decent' way to go 'round this?  Looking for help, if you please.

Thanks so much!


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