Jan-Frode Myklebust wrote:
We run a quite pure RHEL server environment, with users, groups,
authentication (ldap bind), sudorules and netgroups all in two
master-master replicating 389ds´. The users and groups are managed by
Sun Identity Manager (SIM), which pushes them to the directory servers
-- but we´re not really using it and might as well have managed these
directly in an LDAP editor. So, it´s time to drop SIM, and I´m a bit
torn between implementing some simple shell scripts to manage the
users/groups in LDAP and take advantage of the new password policy
features of 386ds etc.. , or if we should deploy IPAv2 and get
kerberos, nice UIs, machine/service identity and lots more.

So, to my question -- are there any migration guides that can help us
move from LDAP to IPA ? Is it a complicated procedure ?

Shouldn't be too bad. Here is our beta documentation on migration:


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