I see IPA 2.0 is F15.....uh.....

Is free-ipa 2.0 going to be put into RHEL6.1?  ie Im assuming that F14 will 
become 6.1? sometime in the next few months?

Or should I assume that since ipa2.0 is in F15 only we wont see anything 
vaguely usable  til 6.2 sometime near the end of the year?

The reason for this is I want to spend the next few months learning IPA  and 
deploy it to limited selected users as a POC (proof of concept) so Im assuming 
it will be available in 6.1 with a full capability in 6.2...is this a correct 
assumption?  So to do this I have to put together a huge virtualised test bed 
of NAS, SAN, clients and shiboleth type stuff to test our systems that's a lot 
of work to re-do.

So should I abandon ipa on F14 and go to F15? and then delay things until the 
end of the year? or next year?  what is the roadmap pls?


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