I'm trying to register the ipa directory server with
register-ds-admin.pl so that I may use the ds-console to view the
directory. As I see that the ipa portion of the directory is meant to
be managed by ipa, I don't intend on touching that part of the tree.
However, it would be really nice to be able to view the directory
configuration and maybe make configuration changes (if allowed) using
the 389-ds-console. I found an earlier post about automating this
process, but it apparently dealt with only version 1.

Running register-ds-admin.pl, I have successfully created an admin
server as well as another directory to store the configuration into.
However, when I try to register the ipa directory server, I get the

The map value 'ServerAdminID' for key 'as_uid' did not map to a value
in any of the given information files.

I see this error referenced in earlier 389-ds bug reports, but it is
supposed to have already been fixed. Is this error message another bug
with 389-ds that I should discuss on that list and/or file a bug
report with them, or is it a ipa server issue that could be solved if
I simply knew what to do?


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