Hi All,
First of all, many thanks indeed to the developers and community for making 
some great strides in the open source IPA world !
I am planning for a Linux deployment with the following requirements.
   -- About 50 Linux clients running Kubuntu (can change this to ubuntu if 
necessary)   -- Centralized authentication   -- Centralized storage with iSCSI 
for /home folder for each user by means of a dedicated storage   -- NO Windows 
or other users   -- Admin should be able to create and modify the accounts of 
all the users   -- Admin should be able to set password policies   -- Allocate 
/home folder for each user from the storage through iSCSI   -- Server can be 
CentOS/RHEL (or even Fedora if absolutely required)   -- Any other 
administration of users if possible !
I was wondering whether FreeIPA makes sense to me in this scenario ? can it 
satisfy all these or at least some of these ? if not, can anyone suggest me 
some alternative solutions which are open source ? I am flexible on the 
requirements and can make modifications if that is required.
I would really appreciate any feedback on this.
Thanks in advance and regards,Nidal
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